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Frequently Asked Questions

We use data pulled from local county assessors to find land owners.  We then mail people in that area to see who we might be able to help who want to sell their unused or unwanted land quickly for cash.

Part of our due diligence is to determine, to the best of our ability, how ready your property is for the next owner to make use of.  These things include:

  • How accessible is the property?
  • How many acres?
  • Are there utilities (electricity, water, sewage, phone, etc.) on or near the property?
  • What are the market conditions in this area?

This is a great question, and we very much understand you want the best price for your property.  We purchase land from people who no longer want or need their land for various reasons, and offer them cash in as little as five days.  There are no bank fees, real estate agent commissions, and time delays.  As such, our offers are under the full market value of your property, but the value of our service is we help you get the cash you need fast.

In most cases and within reason, we will pay your back taxes and free you up from your responsibility of them!

In most cases, yes!  There may be extenuating circumstances which prevent the sale, but we will work with you to make it easy for you to get your cash fast in exchange for your inherited land.

We really care about the people we help!  We are not a big company who treats you like a number.  We strive to give you a great experience in selling your land as quickly as we can – in as little as a week.

While we would never discourage you from hiring an attorney, we keep things as simple as possible when writing our contracts.  We take the time to clearly explain the contract so that you are completely satisfied.  If you would like to hire an attorney to discuss the contract, we will be more than happy to talk to them.

Sometimes we keep the properties for our own personal use.  Most of the time we look for people who want to buy in your area for recreational use, to be closer to family or the location, developers, etc. 

We buy land in any condition

You'll get a fair cash offer

We take care of all paperwork and closing

we get your cash to you fast!